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Many people feel the need to draw inspiration after a time of significant importance or changes has lapsed. This might i.e. be at the beginning of a New Year, a certain age or birthday milestone, changes in personal life or career, or even after experiencing a difficult, challenging and sometimes traumatic time. Inspiration is drawn from personal past experiences and / or mistakes from the past. These Seven Ideas are aimed at putting your mindset in a positive way whenever there is a need for it.

1. Challenge yourself

Maybe you are one of those people who procrastinate. Sometimes work and responsibilities, but often simply with being good to yourself. Often one could hear people admit there is this ONE book they still want to read; however, they keep on putting it aside. Or it might be a place they wish to visit, to study further, training, writing, singing, anything. Maybe you’ve always dreamed about learning more about a specific topic, to become an expert in a specific field of training. Challenge yourself with at least something small to change in your daily routine or weekly planning. This may become the stepping stone towards something bigger. Set the time aside to do something that bring you closer to reaching that goal and fulfill your dream. What’s holding you back? You’ve always wanted to do that training, study that course and complete the exam. Then maybe it’s time to start putting the puzzle pieces together one by one. Challenge yourself to start with something that is long overdue.

2. Going Anywhere

There is the saying that a stagnant river eventually loses its’ nutritional value. The same applies to humans who become stagnant in the same position. Maybe you feel you need to go somewhere else with your life, that you need direction or development from where you are. Start moving. Get yourself up and going. Once you’ve accepted your own challenge, utilize the time you have set aside for that purpose alone, nothing else. Prioritize your own needs and dreams. They are yours, no-one else is supposed to take care of them. It is your priority to put in effort and it’s best to tell people as soon as possible about it.

3. Feeling Bored vs. a Pleasurable Action

Do you perhaps feel there is too little excitement in your life? Day in and day out it stays the same. No change, only the same routine every day. What about you start by following a new route to your office, or the school, the shop or wherever you routinely travel? Boredom, so we were raised, is the pillow of the devil! Counter it by finding pleasure in small things. Even a small adjustment in your daily routine can bring pleasure. People who develop awareness about things in their surroundings often say the biggest pleasure comes from things that were not created by man … the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees, rays of sunlight, the ever changing clouds, the list never stops.

4. Tolerate the Discomfort

Most significant changes come with some degree of discomfort. You might often experience unsettling emotions, thoughts or even physical discomfort. People sometimes report symptoms of fear and / or anxiety, such as shortness of breath, excessive sweat, bodily or muscle pains, disturbance of sleep, etc. Many often throw in the towel as soon as any of these appear. This is exactly the moment when you should remind yourself to stick to your decision and hang on a little longer, until the discomfort decreases. The adjustment is often most needed in the mind – where the battle is at its worst. Hang in there, relief might be just around the corner.

5. Schedule Something to do to Change

Once you have put your mind at ease despite the discomfort, make a clear decision on what you need to change and schedule it. It might be to talk to someone, to ask for advice, to speak to an advisor, to put time aside for whatever need to be properly planned and completed. Schedule and prioritize it. Be aware that good intentions that are not shared often stay only that: good intentions. Share it with someone you trust and who will support you and allow him / her to keep you accountable for your intention. It’s just too easy to put something aside if you only rely on yourself for the execution thereof.

6. Take a New Direction – Short Timeline

It might be a good idea to revisit your process, ideas, and decisions. Sometimes a small adjustment is needed. Sometimes it’s needed to remind you that a small adjustment in direction may result in something big in the end. For the short timeline it’s meaningful to deliberately do something new. A ship isn’t turned around immediately; however, even after the first small adjustment in the course of the vehicle, a new destination is aimed at. It is therefore important to remind yourself that a short-term alteration in the direction might be the spring-off you need for something bigger to follow.

7. Find Something Meaningful to do

Going through a challenging time might be exhausting and draining. Don’t forget to reward yourself as you go along. This is needed more than less often! On a daily basis it is a good idea to set time aside to recharge emotionally, cognitively and physically. Make it part of your daily routine and stick to it. However, during tough times it is even more needed to set time aside for relaxing and to refresh. A change is as good as a holiday, they say. People often find it difficult to balance life and work. Too often work becomes life. And too often the price in the end is too high when they realize they neglected their health, family and relationships.